Social Media Branding: Strategies to Boost Your Identity

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To take part in an Erasmus+ project represents a chance that can change life forever. A key to this venture is Social Media Branding, a core strategy which makes certain your project really gets under someone’s skin and stays in their hearts. This post covers all the indispensable techniques of branding. It is not related with the how to create visuals for your posts, the aim of this post is to help partners understand the procedures

If you are responsible for the dissemination of any Erasmus+ project, you will be accountable for Visual Identity, which must be done properly for the project to succeed. Please check other posts for these categories of AI Technologies, Erasmus+ Projects, and Digital Arts and AI Tools


Before you begin creating social media accounts, you should be very careful about a few things. First, take a project email to use in the project’s social media accounts. Never use your own email. Some Social Media do not allow you to use the same email twice. Second, the Identity should be the same. For instance, “SM4BProject” should be the name of all the social media accounts created.

Taking Emails For the Granted Projects

Because of the problem I mentioned in the introduction, it is a good solution to take free emails for each project and use them for social media accounts. The dissemination responsible partner (most of the time, it is L4Y) should do all this work. Before giving responsibility to the partners. They also create the visual identity of the social media accounts.

Social Media Branding: Unique Identity Name For All

Using the same Unique Identity for all social media accounts is crucial.

Here is some information about why it is important.

A unique digital identity for a project’s social media accounts is paramount. To begin with, unique digital identities help secure actions over the internet and provide a social foundation of trust so that online interactions can be genuine and authentic. It also helps to ensure that all one’s postings are secure- impervious to any attack from others in cyberspace that is trying to undermine one’s work or reputation. This uniqueness crucially distinguishes people and entities within the digital realm and prevents identity theft, fraud, and quash lies.

In addition, using a specific digital identity for each account within a project on social media can help reduce the chance of unauthorized access and prevent others from pretending to be a member of your team. The result is that this helps to maintain both the project’s reputation and the project’s integrity. All online activity is properly credited to both its origin and its members. Also, unique digital identities protect personal information and shield people from cyber threats like deep fakes or identity theft. With decentralized ID verification solutions, individuals can independently verify their accounts, which makes them more secure and private on social media platforms. In a word, unique digital identities benefit security, authenticity, and personal protection, and they help guard against danger–not least the advent of fake videos (deep fakes).

GPT for Generation Social Media Branding

This is a GPT tool provided by L4Y.

These questions are asked in the GPT;

  1. What social media channels do you want to open?
  2. What is the main focus of your own or your brand’s niche? (e.g., technology, decoration, beauty, learning)
  3. In what way should your social media give people a feeling for its tone? (e.g., professional, playful, inspirational)
  4. Are there central keywords or phrases that your brand must use?
  5. Who is your target audience?
  6. Do you have a particular style you prefer for your social media handles (e.g., short monikers, little jokes, acronyms)?

You should answer these questions according to your Social Media profile. More detailed answers bring better results.

Conversation starters

  • Create my Social Media Identity Name
  • Create a Social Media Strategy
  • What are some suggestions for successful social media management?


In conclusion, create a new email to connect all of your social media accounts, with a brand new and unique identity name. It is an opportunity to use above GPT.

For more GPTs you can turn to L4Y’s GPT Store.

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