Visual Identity Standards: Guidelines for Erasmus+ Projects

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We created this “Visual Identity Standards: Guidelines for Erasmus+ Projects” post to help our art-related employees understand what they need to do after we get the grant for Erasmus+ projects. You can find more Guidelines here. Also, read the blog post here. There is another blog post here that art-related employees need to prepare.

Project Logo and Letterhead Paper

The company may engage freelancers to design the project’s logo. We will predominantly use this logo across various media. Additionally, you should use MidJourney and Canva to create horizontal (16:9) and vertical (9:16) letterhead papers. Moreover, the logo will feature a QR code that links to our website, including the project’s logo, all partner logos, the EU’s logo, and a disclaimer in English. After creating horizontal and vertical letterhead papers, generate both in Word and Pages format.

Images and Presentations

Initially, you can use GPT L4Y – Image Prompt Generator to create many images related to the project’s topic at the beginning to use in incoming needs.

Start with the “About” post for the kickoff meeting—a brief description of the project on the website. Subsequently, employ GPT L4Y – Presentation Content Creator V2. to create a presentation of the Kickoff or just for the images you create in MidJourney.

You will also create another presentation for pilot testing using the content from each blog post with the L4Y – Presentation Content Creator V2.

As soon as the blog posts are ready, create images for each.

Visual Identity Standards: Posters

Firstly, one type of poster promotes the project’s website and social media, which might be split into two separate posters.

Secondly, the other poster type is for Events. You can utilise L4Y – Text Creator For Posters and images from MidJourney.

Visual Identity Standards: Videos

You can feature project events, TPMs, pilot testing, or posters in videos. To transfer the finished video, use the GPT L4Y-Sidekick for Videos.


Also, use the letterhead paper in the back to create a template for the agenda and sign list for TPMs and budget allocation. Similarly, letterhead paper should be a background for sign lists for pilot testing and physical activities. Also, create Certificates for TPMs and Pilot Testing Participants.


We use and L4Y – Lyric Writer. Importantly, use a related text from the project, along with the project’s and partners’ names, to customise the lyrics. After generating the lyrics, use Suno to create music from them.

Social Media Management

Firstly, some GPTs will help you to manage social media

Secondly, become an expert on how to use Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube effectively.

Visual Identity Standards: Check List

Logo ready

Letterhead papers are ready (including logo, website QR-Code, partner logos, EU flag and disclaimer)
Initial Images

Kickoff presentations are ready

Pilot testing presentations are ready (create images for each slide using the GPT L4Y – Presentation Content Creator V2)

General Images are ready.

Promoting Posters are ready.

Event Posters are ready.

Templates for TPMs, training, and pilot testing are ready.

Lyrics and music are created with videos of each song.

LinkedIn Posts and Carousels are ready

Instagram posts are ready


In conclusion, adhering to these Visual Identity Standards will give your Erasmus+ project a cohesive and professional appearance and enhance its visibility and impact. Moreover, contact our team for more personalized advice or assistance in implementing these standards effectively.

Also, please follow our social media for updates and more information.

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