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L4Y Learning For Youth

L4Y Learning For Youth is an art and technology company founded in 2018 in Pirmasens, working in the youth field.

About us

L4Y Learning For Youth is an art and technology company founded in 2018 in Pirmasens, working in the youth field. But, it fits with the digital and technological skills to work in the VET field. In the scope of our skills, we help the solutions environmental protection and integration issues.

The world is changing quickly with emerging technologies like Quantum Technologies (QT), Blockchain (Metaverse, NFT, smart contracts), and Artificial Intelligence. As L4Y, we know that it will vary everything in our future daily life and affects the business, economy, and needed employees’ skills. The change will create new entrepreneurship opportunities and open new horizons in front of today’s young people. Even the companies inside Metaverse are looking for virtual employees (avatars) to work in their virtual jobs inside Metaverse today. Using technology and art skills for social problems like the integration of migrants and environmental protection is our social contribution. Adapting ordinary people to this change will be difficult for most people except “digital natives”, Gen-Z. Our primary target group is young people and VET trainees to help this adaption by training their parents as pioneers of digital transformation.

– To improve awareness of young people/VET trainees/adults with emerging technologies and their entrepreneurship opportunities.
– To enhance young people/VET trainees skills (employability) for (future) jobs.
– To help solve the integration problem of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants.
– Environmental protection

Some of our skills

Erasmus+ Projects

We are proposing and implementing Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects. We will be a good partner for your KA2 projects with our skills which is crucial for all projects

Website & LMS Design

We are developing websites and Learning Management Systems (LMS.) Both supported by visual design to grab a higher success. 

Visual Design & Art

The best way to tell your story is ART. For youth, especially videos, posters, and animations, are very popular. It is a good idea to use channels that they liked


For a good rank in search engines, you need to be supported with SEO knowledge.  It is crucial for your business to marketing your products

Creative/Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking improves confidence, adaptability, awareness (Character); Critical Thinking/Problem solving, creativity, collaboration (skills); curiosity&motivation, reflection, and patience (learning to learn), which are education system of 21st century

Team Training

Dialogue is the basis of learning. Team Dialogue, Motorola Reports, Mental Model Games, Einstein Workshop, and Team Building Games engage you in working as a team. You will improve a lot of skills while you are learning to team UP.

Learning Efficiency

John Dewey said, “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” Reflection is an academically proved method to improve learning. Reflection has particular importance in Erasmus+ projects. 

Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies like quantum, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) will rule day by day changing world. It is crucial to increase awareness of the future opportunities that these technologies providing.


Forest Fire Protection

Forest Fire Protection: Training for self-protection against forest fires in rural areas” – 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000028430
This project aims primarily to save the lives of the rural populations in Mediterranean Europe. By providing training on self-protection against forest fires and the prevention of forest fires.

For more information;
About  Über  Hakkında  A cerca de nuestro proyecto   ΣΧΕΤΙΚΑ ΜΕ  il progetto  Sobre o projeto  Tentang

Next Projects

There will be incoming projects in here

Udemy Course

Learning For Youth – How to Propose Erasmus+ Projects Udemy Course

Erasmus+ has a significant impact on youth improvement. For an Erasmus+ project grant writer, the progress will increase even more. What will you gain proposing Erasmus+ Projects?
– Spiritual satisfaction
– Amazing international network
– Improving essential skills that will help your career
– Help to solve your local problems
– To earn money when you get a grant.
most excitingly;
– to be an active member of the change-makers

For Turkish course

We support youth groups

L4Y support group of young people, and youth-led formal or informal organisations who are working on the fields we are interested, such as environmental protection, blockchain, AI, and quantum technologies. If you are the one, please contact with us.

Spektrum Dergi - Every color of science!

We are happy to support this group of young people
Here is their website  Instagram and Twitter

Science is not just a field that scientists are interested in. Curiosity is not just a behaviour we pursue as a child. If we do not dull our curiosity, we may realize that it is not impossible to be interested in science. To create this awareness, we resorted to this path. Whether we are in middle school, high school or university, if we do not lose our sense of curiosity, the door of science is open to us. While achieving this goal, we aim to carry out projects where we can support our friends who experience inequality of opportunity in science.

Who we are
We are a huge family consisting of 28 people from different cities in Turkey, of different ages, but with one heart. Every month, scientific developments are made in the past and planned for the future; satellite, scientist, astronaut promotions; We are working to bring you events, puzzles, astronomy tests, news from agencies and more.

Next youth group will be here
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In den Tannen 2 – 66953 Pirmasens / Germany
Phone: +49 1511 967 1336
Email: [email protected]

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