Forest Fire Protection: Empowering Rural Communities

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“Forest Fire Protection: Empowering Rural Communities” post is an Erasmus+ funded project focuses on empowering rural communities. This initiative seeks to save lives and preserve forests by providing training on self-protection and forest fire prevention. With a consortium of partners from above countries, the project addresses policy challenges and works to increase awareness, preparedness, and resilience to forest fires.

Forest Fire Protection: Introduction

Basically, it is a Erasmus+ project “Training for self-protection against forest fires in rural areas” with the project number 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000028430. Besides, L4Y Learning For Youth GmbH is the German coordinator, and the BOSEV (Turkey), KMOP (Greece), SPEL (Portugal), OVAR-Forma (Portugal), Cesie (Italy), Growth-Coop (Spain), Citizens in Power (Cyprus) are partners of the project. The detailed project description is under the project website, here

Needs for project activities

As a German coordinator, we need to contact local stakeholders related to project activity needs.

Here is a summary of what we need today

Firstly, we have done surveys with rural area people and experts to create the training program and content for the training platform and we are currently looking for NGOs, Associations, schools, foundations, and volunteering organisations kind of stakeholders who can use our training to train their members, students, and volunteers. We are doing a protocol (English version and German Version) with them, but you are not responsible as an organisation. Also, with one of the stakeholders, we will organise a pilot test with ten people without digital skills and ten people with digital skills.

If you want to sign this protocol, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Meanwhile, we will need key-note speakers for the multiplier event in November 2023 in Saarbrücken

Forest Fire Protection: Conclusion

In conclusion, your help for our project needs are very valuable, and construct a relation between our organisations. You can reach more information about our company inside introduction post

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