KA210 PIF: How to Prepare Your PIF for 2021-2027 Program

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Basically, In the post “KA210 PIF: How to Prepare Your PIF for 2021-2027 Program” we show you how to prepare your Partner Identification Form (PIF) for the KA210 Small Scale Partnership projects. Similarly, the PIF is like a finger print of your company. The space limit for each question is 1000K, and it is hard for an applicant to cut your ordinary PIF to shorten them. Besides, it is good to prepare a new PIF for the KA210 projects to ease the applicant’s job. Moreover, it is a plus point for you to show how serious a partner you are. You can find some information about KA2 project writing Innovative KA2 Project Ideas and KA2 Projects Preliminary Work. If you would like to learn more about our company, L4Y Learning For Youth

Table of Content

KA210 Small Scale Partnership Projects

The information for a new type of project.

Small-scale Partnerships are designed to widen access to the program to small-scale actors and individuals who are hard to reach in school education, adult education, vocational education and training, youth and sport.
The small-scale projects come with lower grant amounts awarded to organisations, shorter duration, and more specific administrative requirements than the Cooperation Partnerships.
This action aims at reaching out to grassroots organisations, less professional organisations, and newcomers to the Programme, reducing entry barriers to the program for organisations with smaller organisational capacities. This action will also support flexible formats.
– mixing activities with transnational and national character, although with a European dimension.
– allowing organisations more means to reach out to people with fewer opportunities.
Small-scale Partnerships can also contribute to the creation and development of transnational networks and to fostering synergies with and between local, regional, national and international policies.

Program Guide Page 192;

KA210 PIF: Objectives of the action

Attract and widen access for newcomers, less experienced organisations, and small-scale actors to the
These partnerships should act as the first step for organisations into cooperation at the European level.
– Support the inclusion of target groups with fewer opportunities
– Support active European citizenship and bring the European dimension to the local level
In addition, the main objectives of Cooperation Partnerships also apply to Small-sсale Partnerships, proportionally to
the scope and volume of each project:
– Increasing quality in the work and practices of the organisations and institutions involved, opening up to
new actors not naturally included within one sector;
– Building capacity of organisations to work transnationally and across sectors;
– Addressing common needs and priorities in the fields of education, training, youth, and sport;
– Enabling transformation and change (at individual, organisational or sectoral level), leading to improvements,
in proportion to the context of each organisation;

Program Guide Page 192;

As a result, If you are a professional organisation, do not answer KA210 Call For Partners. As explained in the objectives above, your existence will harden to get the grant.


Also, new program come with a new question comes with the 2021-2027 program for KA210 PIF. For example, you are a non-profit organisation. They ask Main Sector. Certainly you should add this to your PIF and the other questions in the picture below.

KA210 PIF: Main Activities

However, in the previous form, all fields have 4000 character space. But, the KA210 form is limited to 1000 characters. Therefore, It would be best to shorten it.

What are the organisation’s main activities? (1000 characters)

Above all, L4Y Learning For Youth is an SME working in the youth field.
1 – To improve awareness of young people with emerging technologies
2 – To enhance young people’s skills for future jobs.
3 – To help solve the integration problem of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants.

Areas of activity;
– Team Working
– Creative/Critical Thinking
– Art
– (Social) Entrepreneurship,
– Improving learning efficiency and digital skills.
– Quantum Technologies

Activities are grouped into three types.
Firstly, Erasmus + projects.
Secondly, Workshops: After the Covid-19, we decided NOT to do any physical workshops. Instead, we begin to transfer our workshops into online courses. We have an Udemy Course (https://bit.ly/3lJ8FVT) in English and also Turkish (https://bit.ly/3tbTl8u) about proposing KA1 Erasmus+ Projects.

Activities Related to Application

Besides, for each application, you need to change it according to the activities and outputs. See L4Y’s KA210 PIF field of “What are the organisation’s activities in this application?” and how we change it according to our “Say No To Racism” project.

What are the organisation’s activities in the field of this application? (1000 characters)

– To enhance young people’s skills for future jobs.
– To help solve the integration problem of refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants.

This project is linked directly with our objectives;
– Integration (Anti-racist community platform)
– Enhanced skills (SEO-friendly content creation)

It is also linked to our Search Engine Optimisation ability, a crucial skill for future jobs.

The company’s website is https://learningforyouth.com/

Social Media;
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Learning4Youth/
Twitter https://twitter.com/Learning4Youth
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/learning4youth/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCre-KOaa9c-s1M5bX6URv-g

KA210 PIF: Target Group

What profiles and age groups of learners are concerned about the organisation? (1000 characters)

Our target group is 18-25 years old local and migrant background young people with fewer opportunities.

Experience in Years

How many years of experience does the organisation have working in this application?


In short, the main change is that there should be two different people, and the form does not accept the same e-mail addresses. As a result, you should provide two separate e-mails, one for each. However, the same phone number is not a problem.

KA210 PIF: Conclusion

In conclusion, you need to help applicants be counted as a serious organisation. Above all, start an excellent communication by preparing your PIF for KA210 projects.

Also, do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter.
Finally, if you are selected as our partner, we will send you a project concept note. In that case download the template to adapt your PIF for our project topic, and answer the questions in it, regarding the concept note we provide to you.

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